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Airbag for skiers

The Italian company Dainese said it has completed work on the airbag system for skiers. The project is part of a partnership with the International Ski Federation, which is planning to test soon on the development of the Olympic Games in Sochi in the next year.

Ski bag is a modified version of pillows for motorcyclists D-Air. In its structure, the system has three accelerometer and gyroscope associated with GPS. The microprocessor analyzes the data from them and reacts to sudden acceleration. When it detects a danger bag inflates around the neck skier. The whole process takes only 45 milliseconds.

Need to adapt the D-Air for skiers forced engineers Dainese rewrite software that has learned to recognize normal traffic from falling. Airbag itself is very easy. It is attached to the back and provides adequate protection. But as far as it is justified, we will see in Sochi.