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Google glass damage your eyes?

Google Glass have amazing functionality. To understand this, look at the first video from their participation. But whether harmful to eyesight wear glasses digital? Let's look at this issue.

In the "Frequently Asked Questions" Support website Glass, Google warns users about potential limitation of the use of the device:

Google Glass - not for everyone. While wearing the glasses, some people may experience eye strain or headaches. For those who do laser vision correction before using Glass advised to consult a doctor to assess the risk of eye damage. Children under 13 years old is not permissible to use the Glass, not to harm an emerging vision. There is also a risk of damage to the children themselves Glass and rough handling. Terms of this agreement for children under 13 years old are prohibited to register with the services of Google. If you are not allowed to use the Glass and want to return the product to the store, it must be made within the prescribed period return. So, Google does not recommend the Glass children under 13 years of age. However, Dr. Jim Sheedy, head of the Laboratory of optometry at Pacific College has a different opinion:

I do not think that the "smart" glasses can be especially harmful to children. The manufacturer warns to be careful using the device children from a position of legal prudence. As smart glasses are becoming more common, I expect that they will become more and more comfortable to use, including children.

With kids like sorted out, but what about everyone else?

Throughout the day we look at the TV, computer, phone, which is not always useful for vision. You probably know firsthand what a professional eye disease, dry eye, and other symptoms of discomfort. In the case of Google Glass things are different. Yes, you will be wearing glasses digital time, but will use them if necessary. Therefore, the display in front of the right eye of the user is not active at all times. In addition, charge the internal battery unit lasts about one hour of battery life.