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Hyperfine hdd

In flash memory, the principle of which is a mystery to our readers, there are two drawbacks: high cost and low capacity of the drive. Seagate offers to take a step back and start the application in the plates of hard drives, production of which the company is famous all over the world. As can be contained on the resource page Electronsta messages, Seagate engineers had created a 2.5-inch hard disk Ultra Mobile, a thickness of 5mm and a weight of ~ 93.5 grams. In the end, 500-gigabyte drive will fit perfectly into the typical " android " tablet.

To adequately hold in a battle with a more modern flash memory, Seagate has equipped these drives special firmware called the Mobile Enablement Kit. It provides support for a wide range of additional features that are not typical for conventional hard drives. We are talking about caching frequently used data, adaptive optimization of energy consumption, as well as tracking the different thermal sensors and motion detectors. How caching works? The answer to this question was received by our readers in the middle of summer.

According to the developer's energy consumption tablet with the drive power consumption corresponds to a device with a traditional 64-gigabyte flash memory. But the hard drive itself, of course, will allow the user to save a lot more information.

Rotational Speed: 5400 RPM; cache memory: 16 MB, the data rate of the interface SATA: 6 gigabits per second. Seagate does not specify whether the other manufacturers have managed to achieve similar performance. This decision may be of interest to those users who view the tablet as a replacement for a laptop or desktop computer.