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Instagram for Windows Phone

Executive Vice President, Nokia has pleased the long-suffering people Windows Phone. During a visit to Thailand, which became part of Nokia's strategy to bypass the South Korean company Samsung, taking the leading position in the global smartphone market, Chris Weber promised the imminent appearance in the Instagram app store Windows Phone Store. The lack of popularity among smartphone users sharing application photographs led to the growth of alternative services. Recently, however, banned Instagram to upload your website photos taken by third-party applications.

In the second quarter Nokia supplied to the world market 61.1 million cell phones. This figure includes 7.4 million smartphones Nokia Lumia. This is more than a BlackBerry sold in the same period - 6.8 million smartphones. Over the next three years, Nokia plans to transfer 50 million mobile users in Taiwan with 2G-network technology 3G.

Nokia is also preparing for an early release in this country, two new smartphones: Nokia Lumia high-performance machine in 1020 with a 41-megapixel camera and on-board budget Nokia Lumia 208 with support for 3G. The models will be offered at a price less than 20,000 (about 624 dollars) and 2,000 baht ($62), respectively. According to Mr. Weber, Nokia is trying to make the price of Lumia series phones below 5400 baht (169 dollars).

The head of Nokia declined to comment on the rumors regarding the refusal of Microsoft buying Nokia because of inconsistencies in the issue price. Nokia already tired of inaction on Microsoft Windows Phone.