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Smart toilet

Hackers gained access to one of the most luxurious toilet in the world. And all thanks to the vulnerability found in the built- in Bluetooth. Now attackers can remotely open and close the toilet lid, lower the water and activate the bidet in the most embarrassing moment for the user.

His mind intelligent pot in question in this article, the Japanese company is obliged Lixil. The engineers of the company added in the toilet function remote control with your smartphone with preinstalled My Satis (my friend).

Experts in computer security firm Trustwave claim that crack the toilet was not so difficult. Connect your smartphone to Satis done via Bluetooth after entering the four-digit PIN-code. The default password is 0000. It is set by the manufacturer and can not be changed. This means that each user within range of the Bluetooth can manage your toilet bowl.

Most harmless filth that an attacker can make the wearer Satis - this program on a permanent flush the toilet, which, however, affect the water bills. But the sudden activation of hygienic water fountain or a dryer may scare in earnest.

Fortunately, the range of Bluetooth is limited to 10 meters. So, if your toilet bowl and hacked, the hackers need to look among the guests, family members or neighbors.

According to reports, the manufacturer is not in a hurry to fix the vulnerability. Yes, and flash the toilet is probably not so easy. The easiest way to avoid these problems - to refrain from buying a plumbing gadgets. Just imagine if the battery is discharged smartphone at the wrong time.