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Windows 8.1 - what news?

Most of the changes in Windows 8.1 is already evident from the start screen. It is remarkable, but at first sight it seemed that Windows 8.1 looks like Windows Phone. Not immediately mention the flexible configuration of tiles: resize, move, and grouping. To see all of your installed applications, enough svaypnut bottom up. In addition, Windows 8.1 came the ability to use desktop background as that of the home screen. Until that time, visual customization of the home screen has been limited to a set of color themes. The transition between the desktop interface and the interface Metro has become virtually invisible. Users are allowed to enter after the system boots directly to the desktop, bypassing the Start screen, or set the All Apps as your home page to the home screen. It seems that the software giant has listened to users and made ​​a number of personalization options.

One of the distinguishing features of Windows 8.1 is to work with multiple applications simultaneously. This means that can be run simultaneously three or four applications, not just two, which can be arranged side by side in the same proportions, but not in the ratio 30/70, as in Windows 8. As for the 7 and 8-inch plate, there are two users can run the application in landscape mode 50/50.

In Windows 8.1 was significantly improved with multiple displays. You can run multiple applications and broadcast them on the set of screens. It should be noted that the interface and Metro initial screen are no longer tied to a single monitor. For wireless connections should find monitors that support the technology Miracast.

In Windows 8, the settings are grouped into two different angles: the first part was in a menu interface Metro, and the second - in the "Control Panel". In Windows 8.1, Microsoft has gathered all the settings in one place.