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How works Android?

All the android tablet administered a version of mobile operating
system from Google

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Changes of Win8.1

Most of the changes in Windows 8.1
is already evident from
the start screen

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Instagram for WP

Executive Vice President, Nokia has pleased the long-suffering
people WP

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Airbag for skiers
Dainese has completed work on the airbag system More
3D printer from lego
With the development of printing technology More

Hyperfine HDD

In flash memory, the principle of which is a mystery to our readers, there are two drawbacks: high cost and low capacity of the drive. Seagate offers to take a step back and start the application in the plates of hard drives, production of which the company is famous all over the world. As can be contained on the resource page Electronsta messages, Seagate engineers had created a 2.5 - inch hard disk Ultra Mobile. Hyperfine HDD

Watch for driver

Chip makers and consumer electronics are not the only one who wants to enter the market of portable gadgets. Mobitron Transport Monitoring system Cargolog® TMS90 is an excellent tool for transport monitoring of Turbines , rotor balders etc. In the race of "smart" watches come automaker Nissan. His version of watches Japanese manufacturer will present at the upcoming cars in Frankfurt (Germany). Nissan 6-APB Watch - the so-called first attempt at Nissan Global wearable electronics Watch for driver