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The most distinctive features of a good domain name

1. The domain name should be short, it is desirable

Pick up the short name is becoming increasingly difficult, however, as recently as last month, I got hold of the following: DrEbiz.com (six months after the previous owner has not renewed its registration, Popcentric again included it in the list of available names). Brevity - unless, of course, you will be able to achieve it - is important for several reasons. The short name is easier to place the logo, it is best suited for the development of the brand, it is easier to remember and, in addition, the probability of a spelling error in a short name is minimal. The long name is not good, unless you do not aspire to ensure that your company name is fully consistent with the domain.

2. A domain name should be easily remembered

Remember names such as Art.com and Garden.com., But you also do not forget, and such unusual names as Amazon.com, Google.com and FogDog.com. Unexpected combinations of words not only sound funny but are very effective. Rhymed in FogDog, rhythmic repetition of consonants as at Google, or a combination of such melodic as WilsonWeb make the domain name is easy to remember. Several times said aloud their future domain, listen to how it sounds. My family liked the name DocEbiz, but comparing it to the version DoctorEbiz, had to admit that the latter is much more rhythmic and easier to remember. You also need to check to see whether the language is braided in pronouncing certain syllables of your name. Personally, I have always had problems with PlanetPayment.com - company offering credit card acceptance for online merchants worldwide. I could not remember what comes first: "payment" or "planet" Yes, and try to say five times fast PlanetPayment:-) How would everything else your domain name, it must leave its mark on the memory.

3. A good domain is difficult to confuse with any other

Desperate to find a suitable name for the domain, we resort to tricks such as hyphens and dashes, replacement of expansion .net, adding "the" before the name of the standard, for example, TheStandard.com. Creates confusion. Laws protecting trademarks are designed to avoid such misunderstandings. If the owner of the domain, in tune with your first register your trademark, your domain will be threatened, or to use it when developing your brand will be very limited. So do not forget to register in the database of the Office of patents and trademark registration US ("US Patent and Trademark") http://trademarks.uspto.gov/ or a similar database in your country. There is another consideration which must also be taken into account: how you will quickly capture thoughts your domain on the phone. If you over and over again will repeat the eternal "dictates: ding-dash-doodle.com", you will soon regret that generally include a dash in your domain. Do everything you can to find a name that can not be confused with any other.

4. In good domain is difficult to prevent a spelling error

If there is even the smallest chance of confused letters in your domain name, it will certainly happen. The longer and harder the domain name, the harder your customers to dial it without mistakes. Let's start with the fact that many of them are printed very bad, so the need for long to find the desired letters on the keyboard just scares them. In addition, domain registration with possible misspellings worth the money.

5. A good domain outlines the look of your activity

It would be best if your domain is easy to deduce from the name of your company. But do not stop the search for the perfect name, if you can not find the domain accurately describe your occupation. Pick any functional name, or the name that reveals your uniqueness, transmitting certain emotional attitude. Thus, for the information agency "Beyond Interactive" ("Conversation at a distance") for a beyond.com was inappropriate and beyondinteractive.com - too long (despite the fact that it contains the exact name of the company). Therefore, they stopped on the domain GoBeyond.com ("go beyond" - more than to perform anything beyond the norm), which fully reflects their customer service policy.

6. A good domain name is clear to your target visitors

With a huge number of already registered domain names, there is an expanding market domains .cc, .ws, .tv, and .to (all extensions belong to the tiny Cocos Islands (Western) Samoa, Tuvalu and Tonga, respectively). The problem is that the public (at least in the US) was used to extensions .com, or even a .net (while .net and .org are not so popular). Domain names sound strange ... bizarre and suspicious. If ever a new wave of extensions like .shop and .web, they can become quite popular and gradually win its rightful place on the Internet, as opposed to all sorts of .ws .cc or expansion. However, if you do your business in France, you should avoid extensions .com and find for themselves a name that ends with a proud .fr. Professional sound confident only that is consistent with the unspoken rules of the area in which your business is located.