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LG GD510 Pop Review

The LG GD510 Pop mobile phone is the latest touch screen from the LG brand. Coming off the back of the success of the LG KM900 Arena and the massive success of the LG KP500 Cookie comes the Pop. On first sight the Pop is a very sleek and slender handset for a 3” touch screen phone, in fact it is only 11.2mm thick which is slightly thinner than the cookie. Not only is it sleek and slender but it is an attractive little thing and I like the fact that it has a nice silvery grey finish. When you think about it, this will make it stand out in a crowd which is filled full of ordinary looking black handsets, this ticks a box I didn’t even know was on the list!

With the Pop you just don’t get one home screen, you get 3 each giving you quick access via widgets to your major applications such as contacts, messages, camera and web browsing. This is very useful putting them only a touch away and is now a common feature of touch screen phones and more so for those made by LG.

A personal favourite of mine is the full QWERTY keyboard, this makes texting and emailing friends and colleagues a quick and easy task. Having this kind of feature is becoming a popular features on most phones now, made famous by handsets such as the iPhone 3G, 3GS and many of the Blackberry range.

Here’s a bit of a quick fire run through of the other more ‘standard’ features of the LG Pop. It has a camera, 3.0 mega pixel, video recorder, music player (MP3/AAC/AAC+/AAC++/WMA), and a document viewer which is handy (allowing you to view Microsoft Office Documents). Some pretty average features one might agree, however for the price point they offer good value for money.

In terms of connectivity the LG Pop has WAP GPRS and EDGE connectivity. Spot what’s missing? That’s right 3G, with most phones having 3G nowadays it’s a shame, but again for the price point (under £100 on pay as you go) what do you expect? But that’s just it, with the LG Cookie still readily available on the market what was the need for LG to release a handset so similar to the Cookie? I am at a loss to be honest, I assume that Pop is short for popular but I can’t see it being that popular myself. As the Cookie has been on the market for longer it is cheaper and sometimes even half the price of the Pop from selected stores. So in short it should get a solid 7/10 but I am going to give it a 6 – buy the Cookie!