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What is hosting?

Hosting - a service of providing space for the physical location of information on the server is constantly connected to the Internet.
In addition, the hosting service can be called by placing the customer's equipment in the provider with the provision of a network connection.

Under the concept of hosting is usually meant as a minimum placement of files on the site server that is running the software needed to handle the requests of internet users. In addition to the service itself provided space for email accounts, databases, backup site. In addition, the customer can purchase additional file storage services, administer the site. All companies provide technical support to the web project.

Why is there a need for hosting?

Suppose you have written in your html page and want to have access to it and other Internet users. Submit a site on your computer - so complicated software to install, maintain a good speed internet and keep a PC on all the time. That's what needs hosting providers: companies with special equipment and software.

What is included in the hosting service?

The easiest type of hosting - virtual. This is an economical type of hosting is suitable for smaller projects. Shared hosting means that your site will be located on the same web server with other internet projects. Depending on the number of megabytes that he would need and other factors, different for each hosting provider, the user can choose different tariff plans at inmotion host.

If you have many sites and you want to put them all in one hosting provider, you will approach the service multidomain hosting. This hosting allows you to host and manage a large number of sites within the same account. Often multi-domain hosting order Web Studio or individuals working in IT, web hosting for resale to their customers.

Dedicated Server - a service for projects that require the ability to install software from any configuration and full administrative access. Renting a dedicated server, lowers costs compared to the purchase of equipment in the property, and you get a fully configured and ready-to-work system. When renting a dedicated hosting his administration engaged in a customer specialists or administrators hosting provider - depending on the set of services to certain companies.

Virtualization technology has enabled hosting providers to provide a service cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is similar to hosting virtual private server (VPS / VDS), but suggests one major difference: the virtual server resource is limited to the physical server (the computer on which it is located), while cloud hosting virtual machines located on a large number of servers, which sometimes in the tens of thousands. This allows you to quickly scale virtual server resources for your needs.

Thus, the cloud hosting - is a reliable, fail-safe hosting with almost unlimited scalability, which you pay only for the computing power actually consumed to.

Important criteria for the selection of hosting.

One of the important criteria for choosing hosting service is used by the operating system, as it affects the software that will support the functionality of certain services. For the organization of hosting services used by the operating system based on Unix and Windows.

Each of the operating systems hosting has several advantages.

Linux-hosting is good that you do not need to pay big bucks for licensing. You can freely download and use this software is completely free. In addition, the site under Linux can be easily converted into a web project for Windows. Another advantage: Linux Hosting is very economical. You are only cost for placing the equipment or rent a virtual server.

It is also clear advantages Windows- hosting. Hosted on this operating system - a good choice for writing if your site used technology of Microsoft. For example, the database Microsoft MSSQL, Access, Microsoft Sharepoint, technology .NET.

Usually Linux-hosting 20% ​​more economical than the same Windows-hosting. If your project does not require any specialized capabilities, the hosting operating system open source - the best choice.

Now that you know almost everything about hosting. Of course, when ordering services you will have more to deal with the proposed tariff, but the knowledge that will help to do this, you already have.